Meet the Committee!

President: Laurie Stuart

Secretary: Andy Delve

Treasury: Richard Morley

Website/forum: Ralph Wolstenholme

General members: Mark Unitt, Dave O’Neill, Dean Heathcote, George Elton, Alan Chapman, Dan Quirk


Those present:

20 Members

3 Guest




Chairmanship Report


Laurie Stuart opened the meeting at 10.45am and thanked all those present for attending.


A thank you was then extended to the membership for the assistance received when the club had to locate to Farsley.


Dan and James were thanked for their efforts in running campaigns throughout the year.







Secretaries Report


Steve Nolan also extended his thanks to the membership for the assistance with the club moves.


A general thank you was also given to the membership for its continued support over the last year.





Treasures Report


See attached report.


The membership voted that the report has read be accepted.




Laurie Stuart high lighted the current advantage of using the Farsley Conservative Club for club meetings, Laurie also explained what work had been carried out by himself in regards to finding over locations in Leeds.


It was also explained that it was not a closed subject in regards moving but the membership would need to do more legwork and propose suitable projects.


Andy Delve highlighted that currently the club could not afford the prospect of another move at this current time.




James requested that the list of locations that had been checked out be posted on the club website – this will be looked at.





Andy Delve explained that the club had supported a number of shows through out the last year and was continuing to do so this coming year in a deal that had arranged with Warlord Games to promote the Bolt Action game.


Andy also highlighted that by doing shows we had gained a number of new members.


Members were also thanked for their efforts in supporting the events and asked for their continuing support this year.


The club will be supporting the following shows in 2013:







Battle group north









Laurie Stuart discussed raising the daily fee’s by 50p and explained the increase would allow the club to move in the right direction and provide the required funds to maintain the up keep of club terrain and projects.


Andy Delve raised the issue of introducing an annual club subscription of £5 again to assist with the up keep of club terrain and projects.


The membership voted on and agreed that daily subs would raise by 50p from the 1st March 2013 thus the following fee’s will now apply:


Waged £3

Unwaged £2


The membership voted on and agreed an annual subscription fee of £5 per person to take effect 1st April 2013.



Election of New Officials

See above

Any Other Business


  • Dean Heathcote discussed the clubs terrain and it’s up keep requesting that members take greater care of the club terrain, report damage to the committee and repair it if they feel they can.


  • Steve Nolan discussed that the Night Owls have an excellent relationship with other clubs in the area and this is something the Night Owls should continue to promote.


  • Ralph Wolstenholme was thanked for his work on the new club web page and it was discussed how this could be taken forward.


  • The membership voted on a payment of £90 to refund George Elton for the money he has spent on producing the gaming table for this years events – Passed.

There being no further business the AGM closed at 1200hrs.

This is a true and accurate reflection of the AGM held on the 24th Feb 2013 at the Farsley Conservative Club.

Andy Delve

Club Secretary