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Website and forum update changelog

Changelog for the new website and forum.

Front End
– Pages have been collaborated and altered. Some are still awaiting material. This will go up as it is available to me.
– Blogging Functionality. Should anyone like an account for the front end for blogging purposes, they should let me know and I will set them one up. this allows them to contribute to the club blog. Posts need to be approved by me.
– New calendar system. This will only work if I am kept updated with events. I’ll try to keep it as updated as I can, but if you feel there is something that should go on there, let me know.
-Major facelift

Rear End
– Server move should prove more reliable in terms of up-time.
-Domain has stayed the same, and all bookmarks should continue to work after the DNS has resolved itself properly

– Major forum update bringing added functionality and some major security upgrades
– Users that have been inactive for over 80 days were not moved to the new server
– Posts that were inactive for 30 days were not moved to the new server. Apologies for the extra-slimmed down project log section, that’s my bad.
– Irrelevant announcements have been removed
-Irrelevant ‘Upcoming Events’ have been removed
-Social media fields have been added to profiles, please take the time to fill these in
-A staff list has been added to the main menu in order for users to see which members of forum staff are online
-Automatic registrations have been re-opened due to increased security and moderation
-Major facelift
-You may find that your avatars will need re-uploading. This is because they were not moved to the new server. I’m working on the Smileys.

Any problems, use the ‘Forum Helpdesk’ category.

2013 Yorkshire Open Fantasy Heats


The heats for the Yorkshire Open Warhammer Fantasy tournament were played at the club last week. The Night Owls are proud to be a founding member of this tournament, and remain one of the key organisers. Images are available in the gallery, and the results of the heat are outlined below:

1st – Kyle (Lizardmen) 52pts
2nd – Dan (WOC) – 50pts
3rd – Adam (Daemons) – 45pts
4th – Simon (High elves) – 41pts
5th – Mike (WOC) – 39pts
6th – Neil (WOC) – 35pts
7th – Daz (Daemons) – 30pts
7th – Jon (Ogres) – 30pts
9th – Dave (Dark Elves) – 28pts
10th – James (Greenskins) – 25pts
11th – Ralph (Vampires) – 22pts
12th – Darren (Skaven) – 3pts

Thanks to all who took part, and it was great to see some familiar faces, as well as some new ones. I think we even managed to charm over a few new members!

The top 5 contestants will be heading to the Yorkshire Open Fantasy Final at the Wakefield Warriors club in March!

There was also the first stages of the Greek Campaign going on, which ad stunning visuals..


.. as well as a game of Westwind’s Empire of the Dead, which looked interesting.


The 40K heats will take place on the 17th February at 10.00am! To sign up or for more information, visit our forums.

New Website!

Just a quick post to say welcome to the new Leeds Night Owls website. Please feel free to have a look around, and let me know of any problems you encounter. Hopefully the blog will be kept up to date with lots of exciting news, and the galleries kept full with exciting images.